The main objective of the Psychosocial Forum (PSF) is to enhance the quality, competence and accountability in the psycho-social work of individuals / organizations/ institutions, with emphasis on issues related to conflict in order to enhance psychosocial well -being within Sri Lanka. The forum pays particular attention to issues related to affected women and children.


To achieve institutional clarity of the PSF members.
To achieve conceptual clarity in the psychosocial field
To design or influenc psychosocial standards, guidelines for practices
To provide a neutral space for participants to share the work of their organisations and findings of research studies undertaken
To strengthen networking among Non Governmental Organisations, Governmental Organisations, regional groups, international agencies and projects
To improve information exchange, documentation and dissemination of psychosocial material.
Strengthen capacity building issues in the sector
To influence and/or design psycho-social policies.
To provide a platform for discussing and exchanging progressive / current ideologies in psychosocial work and interventions.

General Forum Activities:

  • Conduct monthly Forum meetings (For members). The meetings will focus on current issues or concepts in the psychosocial sector. Meetings can be held out of Colombo if and when necessary in order to facilitate appropriate participation. Translation will be provided at the meetings and in all documentation.
  • Psychosocial Coordination Meetings will be held monthly (Open meeting for State and non-state agencies/Individuals working in the psychosocial sector)
  • Minuting of meeting proceedings and the dissemination of the minutes (Island wide).
  • Organize Seminars and workshops on relevant issues in Psychosocial work in Sri Lanka.
  • Keeping abreast of psychosocial initiatives in Sri Lanka.
  • Follow up on actions arising from Forum meetings and where possible improve the mechanisms and structures addressing particular issues.
  • Coordination of psychosocial initiatives.
  • Bring to the attention of members, new thinking and tools emerging or being used in the psychosocial field.
  • Provide support to psychosocial initiatives in the districts and work with the district coordination bodies in raising awareness of psychosocial issues.
  • Advisory and Information Services.
  • Coordinate training programmes and workshops/seminars to provide opportunities to further develop a psychosocial issue or to invite resource people for necessary input.
  • Play an advocacy role in the psychosocial sector.

Geographical Area(s):

Island wide


  • Persons affected by disasters, trauma, grief, shock , forms of psychological afflictions.

Outcomes :

  • Direct support for our beneficiaries
  • A coordinated approach towards psycho-social programming among stakeholders
  • Enhanced exchange of practical psycho-social programming methodologies
  • Greater sensitivity and awareness on issues requiring intervention and emerging ideologies/ thinking
  • Discussions and development of ideas for psychosocial policies, standards and guidelines for good practices